Our Features

Global reach

Get access to thousands of publishers, ad networks and ad exchanges which support OpenRTB protocol to purchase ad space with lower price, but higher value.

Ad Formats

Different advertising formats available – display, mobile, video, native, etc.

Smart Optimization

Buying for the lowest possible price due to our optimization algorithms.

Precise targeting

Enjoy precise targeting to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time.

Inventory quality check

SmartyAds White Label DSP provides inventory quality check to ensure superb ad delivery.

Real-time analytics

Get stats by API in real time or observe it straight away in the dashboard.

About Us

About Us

Digiads Media is founded in 2015. Our White Label advertising platforms are fully customizable and include a wide range of optimization tools to deliver entirely fresh and delightful experience that serves all the needs of the end user. Create your own branded environment by adding your corporate identity to the pre-designed framework template and start using Digiads Media White Label RTB advertising platforms today under your own brand name!

Digiads Media develops high-end technology so you could focus more on your business objectives. No need to reinvent the wheel and spend countless hours and dollars on research and development. The beauty of White Label advertising products is that they require minimum upfront investment or technical development from the client side. Our White Label advertising solutions are highly customizable, so you will be able to optimize the platform in a way it works perfectly for you and helps you accomplish unprecedented results.

White Label DSP Features

Create Your Own Programmatic Universe

with our White Label products and rule it the way you like!