Are Podcast ‘Super Listeners’ Audio Advertising’s Next Sweet Spot?

96% of the most committed fans prescribe shows to podcast companions.


First of all, we as a whole have that companion—the person who can’t quit referencing podcasts and disclosing to.

Also, you which ones you need to tune in to. Another, yet and it turns out these “super audience members” could be helpful for advertisers, as per another report by the.

Furthermore, Knight Foundation and Edison Research.

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Finally, scientists met very nearly 29,000 podcast audience members who tune in to NPR, WYNC, American Public Media, WBUR, PRX as well as Gimlet Media and authored the term to depict that companion of yours. In addition, as the report clarifies, super audience members are the most dynamic cut of the podcast pie, and keeping in mind that they don’t completely speak to each sort of podcast fan, they wind up being the most strong and participatory with regards to podcasts. These audience members put a lot of trust in podcasts as news and excitement sources.

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